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wswaWSWA is the association of US companies holding import licensing and distribution of wines and spirits in the US. Headquartered in Washington DC. It is dedicated to advancing the interests and independence of wholesale distributors and brokers of wine and spirits.

WSWA represents its members before Congress, executive agencies, regulatory bodies, courts, and other alcohol beverage industry organizations.The association monitors and advocates on numerous federal, state, and regulatory issues affecting wine and spirits wholesalers and the beverage alcohol industry. WSWA is committed to promoting the integrity of the state-based, three-tier system of alcohol regulation. WSWA focuses on many important policy areas such as taxation of family-owned businesses, state-based alcohol regulation, social res- ponsibility, and drunk driving prevention. Details on WSWA’s key issues at the federal and state levels can be found on the Federal and State Issues pages.

The association also manages the WSWA-Political Action Committee where members can advocate for candidates who support the interests of wholesalers.

craig-wolf_wswa_Meeting with Craig Wolf, CEO of WSWA

Dear Craig, could you give us some figures ?

With pleasure. From the fine wine and spirits in a restaurant to the craft cocktails at a backyard barbecue, the beverages that Americans responsibly enjoy are delivered to restaurants, bars and retail outlets by wine and spirits wholesalers. Today, these family-owned American businesses employ more than 63,000 workers in every state at 5,900 wholesaler locations.

U.S. wine and spirit wholesalers deliver the widest array of products available anywhere in the world in a manner that is transparent, well-regulated, and efficiently taxed in accordance with government requirements.

Concerning job creation?

Wholesalers alone account for more than 63,000 jobs paying $4.95 billion in wages. All told, nearly 1.51 million people in the United States depend on the production, distribution, and sale of wine and spirits products for their livelihood.

These are real people with real jobs, ranging from vintners, to im- porters, to truck drivers, to the wait staff in bars and restaurants throughout the country.
This is equal to nearly 0.97% of the country’s working population.

The wine and spirits industry is a major contributor of taxes ?

Yes, the wine and spirits industry is a major contributor to federal, state, and local coffers. State and local governments received about $34.15 billion in taxes from the wine and spirits industry.
In addition, the federal government received a total of $6.45 billion in excise taxes, and $15.89 billion in business related taxes from beve- rage alcohol products. This does not even include customs duties paid on imported products.

Tell us about the induced jobs

To those working in the three tiers of the wine and spirits industry, a broad range of workers including those in banking, construction, pac- kaging and even agriculture work to supply the industry with goods and services.

A total of 57,080 manufacturing jobs in the United States are related in some way to the industry.

Read more http://www.wswa.org/

cov_washingtonFor members, only

We are proud and happy to be a member of WSWA, and are sending you this small guide to help put you in direct contact with several French wines and spirits producers. Most of the attending producers will be delighted to welcome you at their estate. They are seeking to create lasting business relationships on the American market, even if faced with stiff competition from other European countries and South America… Please feel free to contact them directly for further information. We hope you enjoy reading our publication!


Claude Lada


Oct, 2015

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COGNAC 2015guides_After our French, Chinese, and Russian editions, here is the US edition. Hard cover de luxe 2015


Everything you always wanted to know about Cognac

Tasting: VSOP, XO, Extra and beyond

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Managing Editor : Claude Lada

Editor-in-Chief : Richard Blavy

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Translation : Alexandre & Christine Rychlewski

Official launch :

WSWA 72nd Annual Convention & Exposition

April 12-15, 2015 in Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida

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